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Done with being down.. 
I realized who my real friends are over the past week.
Although soooo far away right now. Leann will always be my bestfriend.
Same goes with Nicki and Lovely, all the way in Germany.LOL
I Love my cousin karen toooo death. Might as well call her my other older sister.

Most people would totally just forget their “bestfriend” after what happened. LOL
But yeah not happening. 
I love my bestfriend. and miss her sooo much :(
Come back sooon! sigh.

Love my real friends and family. always <3


I love you guys <3

365 Challenge [Day 28] something that you makes you really angry

When i see “cool” kids making fun of the “weird” kids. 

that pisses me off.
cus honestly, those “weird” kids are fucking hilarious and nice. unlike, those bitches who think theyre the shit. lol.
this year i’m stuck in child development I, yeah it sucks… Only 3 seniors in that class. the rest are all freshmen, sophomores and juniors.
These juniors are always making fun of these two freshmen, who in my opinion are adorable. lol. kinda dorky kids but you know they never did anything to you, why make fun of them? you know what i mean?
one day one of the girls came in with her hair kinda idk undone? and these juniors start laughing. just stuff like that pisses me off.
so the teacher asks them whats so funny and they try to act smart “what! we werent laughing at her. you have no proof” -___-

funny thing is that those assholes failed a test on how kids developed.
fucking idiots. lol. who’s laughing now. fuckers. 

Dont make fun of people who arent your friends :)

365 Challenge [Day 16] someone you trust

LOL this is when things get finally interesting. LOL

(@velostar) aka a REAL FRIEND aka Best friend :)

Shes probably the one of the VERY FEW people i would tell anything to. 
(the only thing i cant “expose” to her are my farts…. other than that i’m gooood AHHAHA) <—- theyre ABOMBS YO.
When the day comes and we go different ways…. idk what i’m gonna do. hang of stairs probably hahahhahahahhahah (insider BITCH) . i’m tired of “replacing” friends. wtf. lol. I always somehow get left behind by the people i <3 LMAO.  :( sighhhh.

but yeahhhh when i do have the urge to talk about something i’m sure she’ll be there to listen. 

everyone deserves that ONE friend :)